Saturday, May 04, 2013

Cuatro de Mayo

"Maybe tomorrow you can celebrate, just not this morning" beamed the TennisTitan earlier today at the Yonkers Tennis Center. TT and George 'Chemist' Hauss had just come back to resoundingly defeat George 'Teacher' Febles and Jose 'Sidespin' Guzman (6-2), after having decidedly lost to the same pair (2-6). The rubber set ended on serve, (3-2 partial) as time expired. "You play an irritating brand of tennis" 'Sidespin' continued as the group gathered at net. "Is it my ability to make a spectacular shot after having flubbed an easy one? Or perhaps it is my penchant to effectively mix up my service pattern to keep you off balance on your return" prodded the 'braggadocios blowhard." "Que pasa, amigo? Are you kidding. It's your inane running commentary on every ball hit. Nothing to do with your tennis. You need Kaopectate for diarrhea of the mouth" countered the 'happy hispanic.' "He's much worse on Saturday mornings over at Kinsley. The neighbors changed the signs around the park to 'curb your mouth' and 'slow- loud children playing" added a 'flustered Febles' still smarting from the domination TT/''Sidespin' exhibited (6-1) in the opening set.

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