Saturday, May 11, 2013

Duck Tales to Ninja Turtles

"Mein Freund, Herr Titan, I bid you 'Auf Wiedersehen " smirked Der Klugmeister, Indeed, Bob 'Kraut' Kluge put his stamp on today's small contingent of players at Kinsley Park this dreary morning. Thundershowers brought drenching rain to the area overnight but the rain had ceased by 9:15AM. Enter the Trio of Tennis Whores with brooms and rollers in hand. TennisTitan paired with 'Kraut' in an extremely high quality first set that saw a 0-4 deficit turn into a (7-5) victory over George 'Chemist' Hauss and Chris 'Prozac Kid' Tyrone. "Titan, you can describe your last play date in Yonkers for a month as half empty or half full" quipped the 'tempestuous Teuton' who with 'Prozac Kid' at his side prevailed in the second set (4-6) over  the tandem of TT/'Chemist.' "Bobby, I can only describe this morning as 'fabulous fun.' It is why we all live for Saturday mornings now, just as we lived for the Saturday cartoons sixty years ago." "Prozac' remarked "Gees, I was watching Bullwinkle and Beanie this morning when Bob called me to round out the foursome."

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