Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oh my...

"Take it easy 'Rock,' it'll happen someday. Someday you'll beat me in singles. Just not today." was the churlish comment made by the 'insipid idiot' as the group met for final pictures. 'Rockin' Rick Ricci was beside himself having bought the trifecta this morning at Kinsley. "I played so well earlier this week at the Tennis the hell did I lose all three sets today. And no less having a bagel (6-0) stuffed down my  throat by the 'prevaricating provocateur.' Titan then reminded 'RRR,' "Sab is eleven years older than you Rock, and I can't beat him. You're 11 years older than me. Doesn't it make sense you can't beat me. See the symmetry in it all." TT/'RRR' had fallen (2-6) as partners to the'Kraut'/'Koide Kid' to open the day's play. "But the 'anonymous Gas Man' is a much stronger player than you, 'bombastic blowhard.'  If I played my usual game Carl and I figured to beat the tandem of TT/'Chemist' (6-4)  in the final set. "That's the problem Rick. You can't figure this game. The 'Chemist' played like he had propane in his jets today and the Titan had high octane in his tank this morning; so winning for me was at a premium. You just paid the price."    

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