Saturday, April 27, 2013

An African Rampage

"Titan, I am like a baseball player in a batting slump. My backhand has completely deserted me" lamented 'Rockin' Rick Ricci after play this Saturday morning. 'RRR,' teaming with TennisTitan had just experiences a 'double dip,' another two set loss. "Losing to "Big Al' Diodati (2-6) with George 'Chemist' Hauss in the opener was a real downer, 'insipid ingrate,' continued 'Rock' but at least we performed credibly in that second set (4-6) defeat at the hands of 'Dave the Rave' and Chris 'I Man' Ikhigbonoaremen. I mean we had them 4-4 (40-love) in that ninth game Titan before we let it get away." "Do you think we can call it a moral victory, Rick" queried the 'odious oaf.' "That'd be a stretch" 'bogus bullshitter' responded the 'aging artisan,' "because most of us really question whether you have any morals to begin with." "But there is a moral to the story, 'Rock.' "And what's that, Titan?" "When you play with a man whose last name is virtually unpronounceable because it has 6 syllables, you better expect to lose 6 games. He's my 'Nigerian Nightmare' for sure."

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