Monday, June 18, 2012

The Send Off

"Titan, do you think you might have overstayed your welcome, by 20 minutes or so" laughed the "Jersey Bomber" Rob Briscoe who rallied from a 5-4 deficit to win the second set (5-7) against the 'bombastic blowhard.' It had looked all so promising with TT capturing the opener (6-3) at Brookdale Community College. But Titan came up short and had to settle for another split of the two sets. "Seven sets in less than 54 hours is a wee too much" commented the 'aching asshole' as the boys posed for pictures. "I knew I was a goner once you got your second serve in with pace and placement" lamented the 'whining whimperer." "Titan, you were a goner as soon as Tully settled into his travel bag and decided to keep his mouth shut. And you remind me with your play, of the tolls on the turnpike you'll soon be using: E-Z Pass.

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