Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Brought the Broom

"Slat's, that was a clean  sweep for me" crowed the 'boisterous blowhard' after his (6-2) victory with Frank Slattery over George 'Chemist" Hauss and 'Happy Jack' Carey. This following impressive earlier victories with Sab 'Koide Kid' (6-1) and Gero the 'young phenom' (6-3). Carl the 'anonymous gas man' reminded the 'obnoxious oaf' at picture time, "Titan, you can't always cherry pick your opponents. Today the luck of the draw provided you with a hand of 'three sixes.' 'Super Geriatric Bob and 'Happy Jack' were my albatrosses today." 'Slats' quipped, "On Tuesday we're up against 'EBL'/'Tutor at the Landings in Dobbs. That's when we'll see what you do when you'll really be put to the test."

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