Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blowhard gets Blown Out

"Prezie, you were God-awful. There is no other way to describe it" lamented the 'NMF' kid. It's "Never My Fault" continued his litany of lies. "Your best asset is your speed, actually it's your only asset and you must have left it in Briarcliff." 'El Prezidente' Rich Prezioso rejoined, "you should work for Obama, 'lothesome lard ass.' You put more spin on your own ineptitude than that 'incompetent incumbent' does when he says one thing and blatantly does the opposite." TT/'Prezidente' weren't competitive at Kinsley in their (2-6, 1-6) thrashing at the hands of 'Big Al' Diodati and Frank 'Slats' Slattery. After a spit of the first four games of the first set the 'dumb founded duo' managed to win only one of the next eleven games. Titan over hit with regularity and the 'maven of Briarcliff Manor' damned near framed every return off his racket. 'El Prezidente' meekly offered "at least I brought new balls, Titan." 'Slats' interjected, "Prez, better that you bring a new game on Saturday. And try getting your feet in position to hit the ball squarely."

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