Sunday, June 16, 2013

That's More Like It

TennisTitan spent a wonderful Father's Day in New Jersey doing what he likes to do best in the best way possible. Wisely deferring his play until his son Russell, 'Hoya Saxa,' and nephew, Rob, 'Jersey Bomber' had exhausted themselves splitting two sets against each other, Titan took on his host in a one set thriller. "I am here to pick up the pieces" chortled the 'odious oaf' at plays conclusion. And the biggest piece was a broken 'Jersey Bomber' serve in the pivotal 11th game enabling the 'garrulous godfather' to serve out the set (7-5) for a well earned - er, planned - victory. "You wouldn't have beaten either of us if we had played you in singles first rather than each other during the ninety minutes you sat on the sidelines and ran your mouth" chorused the cousins Briscoe. "I am the father to one of you and the godparent to the other, you are lucky I didn't win at love, because that's what I have for you on this special day. Now let's go have a barbecue."

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