Saturday, June 22, 2013

Like Old Home Week

"Sometimes you're just outplayed and you've got to tip your hat to the other guy" was the rationale offered by Carl the 'anonymous Gasman' this beautiful summer morning at Kinsley Park. Rarely does Titan get the opportunity to pair with 'AG' so it was especially disappointing to drop both sets (4-6, 3-6) to George 'Chemist' Hauss and, a once familiar face at Kinsley, making his first appearance in five years, 'shillelagh Bart.' "Titan, we used to hear you on the adjacent court when Chris 'ex copBaldasarri and I would play singles back in the day and dread the day that our game would be brought down to your level, but here I am." It took double hip replacements to reduce me to join a game of doubles with you and the other codgers, but enjoy it I did. Chris had told me back in '08 that he had turned in his NYPD badge with no regrets, but if the day ever came when he needed to play doubles with you competitively, he'd either turn in his racket or become an undercover tennis player." The 'Chemist' who had had his way all morning with TT, concluded with "Shillelagh Bart, did you notice that Titan's comments are like listening to a Saturday morning infomercial on low testosterone - he's the very definition of 'low T'' "And his irritating voice is like scratching your nails on a chalk board" contributed the 'anonymous Gasman.' "Not nice Carl; you may be ethanol free but you're not error free either" retorted 'bombastic blowhard.'

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