Thursday, June 27, 2013

Master of Disaster

"Titan, I can't do it all. Not every freaking day I am stuck with you" commented Bob 'Kraut' Kluge to a disappointed  TennisTitan. "But you have to" interjected a jubilant Frank 'Slats' Slattery "that's a prerequisite when you're Titan's partner." It had started so well at Wilson Park in Yonkers this summer afternoon with TT/'Kraut' easily handling 'Slats' and Joe 'Gimpy Legs' Cruz (6-3) in the opening set. But at the conclusion it was a different story with TT/'Kraut' on the ropes (at 3-5 partial) before play was halted by 'Der Klugemeister's need to return to work. "Bob, your're leaving none too soon. The Titan is surely going to blame you for that second set defeat (4-6), what with him deferring opening serve to you and you losing game one and five at love! Your serve and crisp back hand deserted you quicker than TennisTitan can say 'you' as he expects his partner to save his ass from a ball he should have played," critiqued 'Slats.' "No Frankie, I blame your ophthalmologist and the poor job he did with your cataract surgery. Had you not missed that call in the ninth game of the second set by calling a ball 'in' that was clearly an inch out, you would have lost the second set" whined the "whipped wimp.' "Ha! exclaimed 'Gimpy Knees.' "Bob says Titan's got new knees when Titan makes a rare good play, but I say 'he's got the same old excuses."

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