Thursday, November 08, 2012

You've Waited Long Enough

"Titan, do you have a permit for that concealed weapon" whimpered 'Big Al' Diodati after the second of three sets played at the Yonkers Tennis Center this date. TennisTitan rolled out the big guns in the decimation of the 'Italian Stallion' and Rich 'dozin docent' Gerchak (6-0, 6-1). Indeed, after a one month absence from the courts while in Florida the 'peripatetic prevaricator' came back hunting for bear, as in the 'Russian Bear.TennisTitan was recruited to play along side Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev and was treated to a strong offensive performance by the 'munificent Muscovite.' "Titan, I'm not talking about your play being a weapon, but Vlad was making more quality shots than Obama had dead people voting for him and you know that 'Russkie' seldom shows us that arsenal" contributed the 'dozin' docent.' "It took Rick and I two sets to wake up" snipped 'Big Al,' delighted in the fact that they took the final set (3-6), winning four of the final five games. "Titan, look at it this way," explained the 'Russian Bear.' "You ran out of gas just like hurricane Sandy did to everyone in the area, and I ran out of ammo like Romney did after the first debate." "Sorry Vlad, not good enough," retorted TT. "Next week I play with Ben Gazzi as my partner."

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