Sunday, August 05, 2012

Never on Sunday

TennisTitan, tennis whore that he is, can never say 'no.'  Thus after a strenuous Saturday morning of play in the sweltering August heat and humidity, he said "WTF, might as well play" when The 'Neck' John Manzi called and said he was looking for a fourth for his Sunday afternoon doubles group. TT was further intrigued with the idea of hitting against a new opponent, Lowella, five foot feisty Filipino, who was scheduled to play. The first set had the 'bombastic bullshitter' pair with Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev against Chris 'Prozac Kid' Tyrone and 'the Neck.' TT barely saw 10 balls hit in his direction during the rallies as both the 'psychotropic man' and 'stretching stork-dork' played most of their returns toward the 'esoteric emigre' exclusively. The (3-6) defeat was hardly surprising as the 'Russian Bear' misfired regularly and had no success with his serve. In contrast, the 'egotistical idiot' was greatly complimented in the second set victory (6-2) by the effective volleying of the 'Ecuadorian Mosquito,' Lil Papi, who stepped in for the departed Kartsev. The 'Neck'/'feist Filipino could neither solve the exquisite drop volleys of the diminutive South American or the baseline power of the 'prevaricator.' Lowella struggled to get her racket on the 'lobbing libertine's returns as they bounced high beyond her reach, or rocket returns screamed by her feet.

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