Wednesday, August 08, 2012

He had ME for lunch

"Titan, try as you might, this is not 1998. We may be at Wilson Park where you have had a smidge of success aginst me. But you are in the 21st century now and you'll never going to beat me again" preened 'Der Klugemeister.' Indeed the 'Kraut' withstood all the Titan could muster in the opening set (3-6) and handily won the second (1-6). The 'immobile minotaur' put up a credible effort taking the 'Kraut' into multiple deuces and elongating most points before succumbing to the more well conditioned athlete. "Titan, I don't know who is panting more, you or your dog" chirped the emboldened 'testyTeuton' at picture time." "Your problem is you can't do two things during one point. When you have some giddy up to the ball, you can't handle the power of my put-away forehand. And when you rally successfully against my power, your legs quit on you in coming in for a short ball." Titan was left with, "Bob, does this mean that I am officially your Joe Palooka punching bag like we had when we were kids." "Yeah, and you need a Captain Video ring to decode how to beat me Tommy boy."

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