Thursday, August 02, 2012

Advanced Placement, English

"Dude, I said Carl Sandburg, not Ryne Sandberg. You're no Hall of Famer" laughed the Titan at his new playmate this date. TennisTitan had just managed to take the second set (6-3) from the 'young upstart' at the Leewood tennis courts in Eastchester this sultry summer afternoon. This, after receiving a personal ass kicking (1-6) administered by Spencer 'The Fog' Fogliano in the opener. "All my opponents get nicknames; like yourself, some don't understand why I selected a particular name. What Italian family names their son Spencer! So I went with the poem by the greatest American poet of the 20th century" instructed the 'bloviating bullshitter' to the 'feisty fledgling' trying to get back into the game he loved in his youth." "When I went to Iona Prep Ryne Sandberg was one of my favorite ballplayers. I wasn't in A.P. English courses." "Well, pup, this 66 year old fart took a 35 year old back to school today. I never did figure out how to handle your lefty serve. Luckily, I didn't need to. But I was poetry in motion in that second set as you wilted in the heat and dumped balls into the net as I just kept balls in play. I came in on little cat's feet." "Titan you are a full professor of bullshit, Ph.D - pompous, haughty and derogatory" rejoined the depleted, dejected web designer as he posed for pictures. "And I will whip your wussy ass worse next time."

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