Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Husband Whisperer

"Go easy on 'em in the blog, Titan. Have you forgotten what it is like to be married,' opined Frank 'Slats' Slattery at the conclusion of play this morning at Kinsley. 'The 'anonymous gas man' had abruptly ended play in the second set, on serve, at (4-3) to meet a 'the curfew.' "Titan, even at Wimbledon there's a curfew at 11' offered the once 'spindly legs' gas man.' "Carl, that's at 11PM, not 11 in the morning" countered 'Slats'." "Slat's you should've high tailed it out of here many a Saturday because Patsy duty called" commented 'Dave the Rave,' still incredulous that he and the 'anonymous gas man' lost the first set (6-4) to TT/'Slats' after opening a three love lead, as they had done again in set two. "And what's with you and that damn dog. You treat Tully like he's married to you, always catering to him" complained fellow bachelor, 'Dave the Rave.' "Here's the difference my friend: haven't you noticed I hold the leash" "Another ace from the Titan" observed a smiling 'Slats.'

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