Saturday, July 12, 2014

Return to Normalcy

"Titan, no one wants a history lesson from you anymore than they would want a tennis lesson" snapped a disgruntled George 'teacher' Febles. He and Rockin' Rick Ricci had been spanked (6-1) by TennisTitan and Bob 'Kraut' Kluge. "Yeah, interjected fellow 'acerbic Aryan' Carl the anonymous Gas Man' we Germans are still sensitive about the aftermath of World War I. You quoting Warren G. Harding is only appropriate because you'll likely be voted worst tennis player in Yonkers as he has been thought of as our worst president." Der Klugemeister came quickly to the Titan's defense. "Titan was on fire this morning. That 'bad boy' undressed Stuart 'not ESPN' Scott and 'the anonymous Gas Man' (6-1) with a fusillade of cross court winners and the occasional laser down the alley." "Nice of you to remind them Bobby" giggled the 'gaudy gargantuan.' Especially since these four 'lame losers' likely voted Democrat both times and have given us truly the worst president ever." "But that doesn't change your status 'bloviating  behemoth.' Somehow you get the most success out of the least talent," quipped 'Rockin' Rick.

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