Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Rain, the Park and other things

"Titan, I forgot to tell you, I failed my HS Chemistry regents exam back in '62" a sheepish George 'Chemist' Hauss admitted at net. TT and 'Chemist' had paired for four sets this rainy morning at Kinsley Park with decidedly mixed results. The boys were on fire in the opener, bageling the tandem of Carl 'Speedy Legs' Gessman and Rich 'El Prezidente' Prezioso (6-0). When Der Klugemeister Bob Kluge teamed with 'SL' for the second set the table was turned even more rapidly producing a (0-6) undressing of the 'Bokeelia braggart' and his MIA partner. 'Kraut' Kluge and 'Prezidente' continued to expose the errant play of the 'Chemist' and the lassitude of the 'indolent idiot' during the final two sets. After dropping the third set (4-6) due to the insistence of the 'stubborn scientist's failure to adjust his game to accommodate to the swirling winds and mist impacting play, the 'trash-talking tactician' turned it on for their finale, a (6-2) triumph. 'Prez' opined at departure, "Turkey Tom, sitting out the second set, I learned how to beat you - just get the ball back to your half of the court." 'Kraut' quipped, "yeah, without 'Chemist' being on his game, it was like two against none, rather than the usual 2 against 1." The 'somber scientist' offered this explanation for his inconsistent play. "I minored in physics. You guys all hit flat. My top spin was more greatly effected by Newton's little known 8th law: 'SBS' - Soggy Ball Syndrome. Titan commented 'I wonder if any of my readers remember the Cowsills." (don't forget to click on the blog title in red to obtain a special treat),

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