Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fit to be Tied

"Okay wise ass, what have you got to say now" opined George 'Genealogist' Pratt after his first set thumping of the TennisTitan at the Tarpon Springs Sail and Tennis Club this morning. Indeed the transplanted Kansan put an indelible mark on the 'bloated behemoth's tennis curriculum vitae. It took TT until the 6th game (1-6) to get on the board against an erstwhile opponent that he once dominated. The smile on the 'Wichita Lineman's face surpassed that which he displayed when the sigmoidoscope was extracted from his rectum after he completed his recent colonoscopy. "Consider this your barium enema" chortled the 'preening peacock' as the combatants prepared for their second set at the idyllic complex where the 'bullshitting blogger' is about to purchase a condo. "I will not be your doormat here anymore!" Well, the Titan got off his duff and answered the bell in the second set, coming away with a (6-2) victory in a set that was closer than the score indicated. The 'Genealogist,' almost 10 years the 'boastful bumbler's senior, is light years quicker and in far better shape thanks to his active lifestyle. As the adversaries met at net to decide on their luncheon fare George quipped, " Do you eat crow? And Titan, there's still time to reneg on the purchase contract." TennisTitan turned to the 'avuncular antagonist" and said: "George, that endoscopy you said you also had. That'll be nothing compared to what you can expect upon my return in December. I will shove a three set sweep down your throat and even provide you a bagel to clear the esophagus!"

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