Saturday, July 04, 2009

My Independence Day

"The 'W' on my cap stands for 'Winner' of course. I wore whites today so that you'd know that you are my Wimbledon final" cackled the TennisTitan to an ashen and chasten 'Jersey Bomber.' Indeed the 'bloated blowhard' made his nephew Rob 'Jersey Bomber' Briscoe "say uncle" at the conclusion of today's match at the prestigious Winding Brook Tennis and Swim Club in Tinton Falls, N.J. The 'blogging bullshitter' had foregone regular Saturday morning play at Kinsley to fight the Garden State Parkway traffic for an opportunity to take the sting out of the pesty kinsman. The pair had split two 6-4 decisions when they met at Kinsley a month ago. The 'Jersey Bomber' was not so fortunate this date as he was steamrolled in the first set (6-2). Perhaps even more devastating to the athletic and physically fit 44 year old was to see experience and court savvy overcome a 3-5 deficit to rally and take the second set (7-5). When the combatants met at net to acknowledge the cheers and barks of family and canines present and pose for pictures, Titan said to his godson "And you don't think to call me Godfather; instead you come to your father's tennis courts on the day the Williams sisters play for the championship at Wimbledon and you are surprised that I have the stamina to win that second set from you?" With fire in his eyes the 'Jersey Bomber' retorted, "Next time we take it to the mattresses. Then I will make you an offer you cannot refuse. I'll bring the balls, you bring the canollis."

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