Monday, July 13, 2009

"Leave the Light On..."

"Titan, I told you that when I retire from my present job in the Texas Unemployment Hearing Office, I would become a Public Defender Attorney. You just got a foretaste" commented Stuart 'Santa Ana' Gourd after his pounding of the TennisTitan at Kinsley this evening. "You're lucky I was sitting nine hours in a car before I hit Yonkers. That's why you got three games in the first set." Indeed the peripatetic barrister took half a set to get his mojo going before overwhelming the 'immobile minotaur' with a display of athleticism that will long be remembered at Kinsley. Titan could not penetrate the staunch defensive returns of the 'Austin Assassin' who dominated from start to finish. TT played to the best of his ability but could not withstand the consistent shot making of 'Santa Ana' nor control points in multi-ball rallies. Having dropped the opener (3-6) the 'ludicrous libertine' mustered a deadlock at two games all before the Gourdian Knot was applied. The (2-6) outcome was indicative of the disparate mobility between the two tennis aficionados. Stuart made no bones about it during the post game repartee at net. "Titan, I am the Lone Star at Kinsley now! You are my Motel 6 tonight. And that's SIX, as in 6-3, 6-2. The South has risen again!"

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