Saturday, April 11, 2015

Return of the Titan

"Playing with you always reminds me of a B grade movie - not much action, and too much dialogue" quipped George 'deli man' Hauss. The 'deli man,' himself, recovering from a partially detached retina, was quickly tested as TennisTitan's first doubles partner since the 'lumbering Lothario's hip replacement five months ago. 'Dave the Rave' and Mike 'not so stellar' Stella thoroughly outclassed the 'rusty rehabilitants' (1-6). "George, your game is not good enough to send me home a winner today" declared the 'deserting doofus,' I need to play with someone who is actually significantly better than me - and today it ain't you." "I can see that, (if not a tennis ball)" deadpanned the 'goggled googler.' With the aid of Chris "my Nigerian Nightmare" Ikhigbonoaremen Titan salvaged the day with a mid-morning bagel (6-0) over 'not so stellar/deli man'. As the 'hobbling hipster' waddled off the court following his beloved Tully he reflected on his indebtedness to his 'men of color' - the 'I-Man' for a short term boost, and 'Dr. JJ' for a continued life of fun. Thank you both.

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