Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Effort

"Come on now George, give me some credit, at least for effort if not for ability" Titan whined as he reached for his camera. "You can't even tie your sneakers without my help" exclaimed the 'deli man' George Hauss as a perplexed Victor 'not a Free' Mason looked on.  "And now you expect me to win every point as you stand there as a not so innocent bystander."  Vic Mason, a newbie to the Thursday afternoon group, received his baptism of TT bullshit as TennisTitan and 'deli man' rallied from a 2-5 deficit to steal the only set played this date in a tie breaker (7-6,[1]). The 'hobbling hobo' did his part in extending rallies and lasering an occasional winner past Stuart 'not Espn' Scott and his befuddled partner. "George, you were supposed to be here at 2 PM for the start of play, not 2:30" critiqued the 'bombastic blowhard. Don't screw up again!" "Me? Screw up!?! With you as my partner: impossible. I expended ninety minutes of energy playing an hour as your partner."  To wit 'not Free' Mason turned to 'not Espn' and said, "is he always like this? And he brings his dog too?"

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