Saturday, August 09, 2014

Just Like Old Times

TennisTitan returned to the courts after more than a two week absence in deference to his ailing left hip. He could not have been happier to find at Kinsley 'El Prezidente' Rich Prezioso making a rare appearance. "I hear drums" announced the Titan as he and the retired health educator squared off for the umpteenth time in another singles match that goes back twenty years to their days at Lincoln High School together. "I now know what it takes to beat you" retorted the emboldened maven of Briarcliff Manor who, with Bob 'Kraut' Kluge won the opening doubles match (3-6) against TT and Stuart 'not ESPN' Scott. "Even I can win a doubles match against a superior duo when 'Der Klugemeister' is at my side. This is mano y mano, hombre." Titan raced to a 4-love lead and eased to a (6-2) victory that led to Prez observing, "anytime that a loss to you doesn't cost me a post match luncheon bill is a win for me, boisterous blowhard.' The fact that you didn't even suggest we do our usual bet shows that my game intimidated you." "No Prezzie, it wasn't that. I was trying to determine which drum to use. I beat you like a kettle drum when we played at Lincoln, like a bass drum when we play at Law Park in Briarcliff, but given the changing demographics here at Kinsley I decided that congas would be best" crowed the 'acerbic asshole' as he reached for his camera.

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