Thursday, December 20, 2012

To Be Continued

"Titan, this is the way you end your year?" queried 'Big Al' Diadati. A (1-6) loss to Bill 'Energizer Bunny Legs' Tully and me is nothing to be ashamed about. It happens all the time." But remember when I was your partner in the first set you won two games (2-6). Does that make me twice the player that Vladimir 'Russkie' Kartsev is?" posited the 'Italian Stallion.' "Wait a minute" interrupted 'EBL.' Titan and I were hammering you guys three love (3-0 partial) when time expired. That 'loud mouth libertine' will be contending in his blog that he is half the player I am because he won three games (not 6) and is infinitely better than either of you two because he lost none with me as his partner" opined the Tullyville Trolley. To wit TennisTitan responded, "Bill you're a mathematical genius even if you don't know the difference between infinity and infinitely."

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