Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Send Off

"Titan, I wanted to send you off to Florida in style, I guess it'll have to be only with a smile" quipped Frank  'Slats' Slattery at the conclusion of play at Kinsley park this morning. 'Slats'/TT had fallen (4-6) to Brad 'Broken Broker' Philipps and Carl the 'Anonymous Gas Man' in an epic one hour struggle. "You were just out worked, Titan" carped 'Mr. Wall St.' "That's impossible" shot back 'Slats.TennisTitan was employed in the public sector thirty four years before his retirement 10 years ago. He's still feeding at the pubic trough. And he'll be the first to tell you 'he never worked a day in his life' continued the 'coddling counselor.' "Damn, I've been out of work almost five years now" related the 'Anonymous Gas Man' while Titan's been living the life of Riley. I've forgotten what it's like to get a paycheck for doing something, anything for 4o hours." "Carl, you worked damn hard in that eighth game to earn today's victory by breaking us" added 'Slats.'  "I'm upset" interjected the 'Broken Broker.' "Here's today's I.P.O: 'Slats' writes college recommendations all day, changing but a few words to differentiate each student, my partner plays the unemployment benefits game, and Titan here jets back and forth to Florida three or four times a year thanks to his cushy retirement. And I'm the only one here paying the taxes for this largess. No wonder you guys lean Democratic. "Not me" yelled the 'Titan.' "The only entitlement I want is to lie like a bastard in this blog and bust the balls of those who read it.' This infuriates me more than the (6-1) pounding Sab the 'Kiode Kid' and I endured in our first set loss to the 'bloated behemoth' and the soon to be retired 'Slats' grimaced the 'Broken Broker.'

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